Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Gaining Popularity

How labs grow diamonds?

Lab diamonds are created in laboratories. Scientists use cutting-edge technologies like High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), to make these diamonds. This results in the quick development of lab-grown diamonds. In the end, lab-grown diamonds are just as real as naturally mined diamonds but have a cheaper price tag on them.

Since lab-grown diamonds can form in a few weeks, it allows industries to readily avail high-quality diamonds at much cheaper rates.

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Diamonds made in labs have the same carbon structure as natural diamonds. They replicate the abilities of a natural diamond and have similar physical and chemical properties.

Lab diamonds are a popular addition to the jewellery industry and are now used in creating beautiful mater-pieces.  Be it engagement rings, solitaire rings or the diamond earrings, you can easily find lab diamonds taking over natural diamond items. Moreover, several industries require lab diamonds in machinery and mass production of various items too.

Difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds

There are many differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds. However, these differences do not degrade the quality of a lab diamond in any way! Here are the most significant ones:


1.     Time is taken

It takes a few weeks to grow a lab diamond. On the other hand, natural diamonds take years to form under the surface of the earth.


2.     Uniqueness 

Natural diamonds are always one of a kind. Meanwhile, lab-grown diamonds are grown in batches and are mass-produced.

3.     Resale value

Natural diamonds are significantly more expensive and have high resale value (almost 50% of the original price). Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and have a low resale value.


Reasons why you should buy lab-grown diamonds

Lab diamonds are gaining popularity by the day. This is because of the numerous advantages that these lab diamonds have over earth-mined variants. If you are looking for ravishing diamond engagement rings without denting your bank accounts, this is the way to go!

Here are three reasons why a lab-grown diamond is better than natural diamonds:

1.     Ethically sourced

The diamond industry has been under the radar for a very long time. This is due to a large number of malpractices that take place during the mining process. Many countries face human rights violations because of the diamond mining industry. Diamond mining has led to countless wars fought between people. This has not only affected the industry adversely but has ruined its reputation too.

Diamond mining is seen as a very dangerous occupation in several countries. Miners face numerous problems due to the operations involved. Some of them even end up losing their lives for these diamonds. The cost of your natural diamond could be a lot more than just money. So, if you want ethically sourced diamonds on your engagement rings, opt for lab-grown diamonds.

Ethically sourced diamonds


2.     Lower price

If you are looking for diamonds that look just as gorgeous as natural diamonds, then lab-grown alternatives are the best option for you. These diamonds look indistinguishable from earth-mined ones and look great when used in jewellery too.

The price point of lab-grown diamonds is significantly lower than natural diamonds. However, the quality of such gems remains the same. These diamonds make great solitaire rings and diamond engagement rings.

If you are not considering the resale value of lab-grown diamonds, then this option is a much more beneficial one for you. You will spend less money on a diamond that is similar to expensive natural variants.


3.     Good for the planet

Mining activities are a bane to the environment. This activity has caused irreparable damage to our planet and continues to do so. When miners dig deep into the earth's surface to get diamonds, they disrupt a large number of natural processes too.

Mining activities affect underground ecosystems and soil quality in many areas. Additionally, natural diamonds require large quantities of water during refining processes. All this contributes to the degradation of our environment.

Lab diamonds do not need such resources. Lab diamonds do not affect our ecosystems in any way either. The welfare of our planet has become a priority for many. This is why more and more people prefer buying lab-grown diamonds in today’s times.


4.     Make great jewellery

Synthetic diamonds have become a vital part of the jewellery industry. These diamonds make stunning engagement rings, and solitaire rings for almost half the price of natural diamonds. The quality of lab-grown diamonds cannot really be distinguished from natural ones.

Lab-grown diamonds  are generally made by using HPHT or CVD methods. These popular techniques ensure the high-quality production of lab diamonds.


Bottom line

Lab-grown diamonds are the new trend the world is catching up to. These diamonds have taken over the jewellery industry along with many others. The fast-production and fair pricing of these diamonds led to this popularity.

If you are planning to buy diamond jewellery in the near future, lab-grown diamonds could be the way to go. The resale value is the only downside you will face with these. If this is not an issue for you, lab diamonds are the best option to go for.

These ethical, eco-friendly diamonds look just as good on your finger as natural diamonds. Switch to lab-grown diamonds and make the right decision today!