Lab Grown Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Let the sparkle take the center stage! Halo engagement lab-grown diamond ring settings feature a center gemstone completely encircled by smaller accent diamonds for a dazzling look. With a halo diamond ring, a circle of small light-catching stones adds emphasis and sparkle to the ring's main attraction. This beautiful setting style makes the center stone appear larger and creates even more eye-catching sparkle for your ring. The halo ring setting always looks impressive, timeless, and on-trend—all at the same time.


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  1. Astraea
    As low as $1,908.40
  2. Fortuna
    As low as $2,147.60
  3. Palatua
    As low as $2,223.00
  4. Hora
    As low as $1,662.70
  5. Vesta
    As low as $2,763.80
  6. Ishtar
    As low as $1,914.25
  7. Maia
    As low as $2,107.30
  8. Asia
    As low as $2,412.15
  9. Sabre
    As low as $2,759.25
  10. Nehalennia
    As low as $2,405.00
  11. Luna
    As low as $2,098.85
  12. Estë
    As low as $2,119.00
  13. Sirona
    As low as $2,150.20
  14. Alala
    As low as $1,899.95
  15. Brigid
    As low as $1,762.80
  16. Aurora
    As low as $1,864.20
  17. Ingwine
    As low as $1,932.45
  18. Charis
    As low as $2,490.80
  19. Dia
    As low as $1,574.95
  20. Beyla
    As low as $1,955.85
  21. Moneta
    As low as $2,220.40
  22. Rhea
    As low as $2,597.40
  23. Nyx
    As low as $2,317.25
  24. Gaia
    As low as $2,087.15
  25. Morgan
    As low as $2,231.45
  26. Aimend
    As low as $2,726.10
  27. Aveta
    As low as $1,742.65
  28. Lyssa
    As low as $2,120.30
  29. Cethlenn
    As low as $2,174.25
  30. Fóla
    As low as $2,590.90
  31. Justitia
    As low as $2,124.20
  32. Eithne
    As low as $1,526.85
  33. Belisama
    As low as $2,570.75
  34. Ceridwen
    As low as $1,746.55
  35. Pandela
    As low as $2,031.25
  36. Ennodia
    As low as $2,090.40
  37. Aphrodite
    As low as $2,051.40
  38. Mellonia
    As low as $2,276.30
  39. Astarte
    As low as $2,000.05
  40. Varda
    As low as $3,122.60
  41. Nenia
    As low as $2,556.45
  42. Fauna
    As low as $2,028.00
  43. Arduinna
    As low as $2,134.60
  44. Nabia
    As low as $2,614.95
  45. Hebe
    As low as $2,616.25
  46. Sequana
    As low as $2,500.55
  47. Kamira
    As low as $2,326.35
  48. Fulla
    As low as $2,185.95
  49. Airmid
    As low as $2,567.50
  50. Verbeia
    As low as $2,731.95
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Eco Friendly Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo diamond engagement rings have been one of the most loved jewellery for women since a long time and we can’t get enough of it. Halo engagement ring designs with man-made diamonds at Forever Yours featuring traditional round and cushion shaped diamonds are most coveted, probably because of their luxurious vintage-inspired look, or because of the way a halo of accent diamonds adds a layer of brilliance around the setting and makes a center diamond appear grander and more extravagant.

Couples are also increasingly drawn to halos around compass point settings, double halos, and halos with floral details. At Forever Yours, you’ll find an extensive list of eco-friendly diamond halo engagement ring designs from trending designs to forever classics.

We offer halo engagement rings with lab-grown diamond in a variety of shapes including round, pear, oval, marquise, cushion cut and others. Our innovative halo engagement rings allow the center diamond to sit flush with the halo, creating a lower profile that has a sleek, modern look. Forever Yours Australia offer an extensive collection of customisable halo engagement rings that fits your personal style and budget. Our seamless online shopping experience allows you to choose the design, stone, carat and much more - allowing you to create a unique piece that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're looking for a single or double halo engagement ring with a man-made diamond, or a fancy shape like cushion cut or princess cut halos, you'll find a handcrafted style that suits you in our outstanding assortment. Shop Forever Yours’ collection of lab-grown diamond halo engagement rings online or in-store and find one as beautiful as she is!

For any consultation or help, contact us at +613 8682 8950 or drop us an email at and one of our diamond and jewellery experts will help you make the right decision.