Side Stone Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Make a huge impact with side stones lab grown diamond engagement rings. Go beyond the solitaire to enhance your ring; it's easier than you think. Side stones are smaller than the main diamond, but they add big sparkle to any setting! An engagement ring with side stones takes a simple ring and gives it that WOW impact.

The diamond side stone engagement rings are sure to catch the eye and a lot attention. All thanks to the additional side stones along the band. A side stone diamond engagement ring contains clusters of lab-grown diamonds along the metal band that complements the centre stone, it’s the ultimate choice for those who love sparkle and glamour.

Side Diamonds

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  1. Thalia
    As low as $2,065.70
  2. Bia
    As low as $2,275.65
  3. Sól
    As low as $1,740.05
  4. Diana
    As low as $1,814.15
  5. Persephone
    As low as $1,957.15
  6. Epona
    As low as $2,269.15
  7. Leto
    As low as $2,097.55
  8. Aegle
    As low as $1,725.10
  9. Áine
    As low as $1,929.85
  10. Devera
    As low as $2,047.50
  11. Nessa
    As low as $2,020.20
  12. Vanadís
    As low as $1,596.40
  13. Nekhbet
    As low as $1,964.30
  14. Juturna
    As low as $1,753.70
  15. Cybele
    As low as $2,230.15
  16. Nemesis
    As low as $1,918.80
  17. Felicitas
    As low as $2,540.85
  18. Angelos
    As low as $2,464.80
  19. Flora
    As low as $2,388.75
  20. Hera
    As low as $2,278.90
  21. Rosmerta
    As low as $2,104.70
  22. Ennodia
    As low as $2,374.45
  23. Feronia
    As low as $2,230.80
  24. Pallas
    As low as $1,957.15
  25. Proserpina
    As low as $1,981.20
  26. Danu
    As low as $1,664.00
  27. Vacuna
    As low as $2,429.05
  28. Iris
    As low as $1,997.45
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28 Items

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Eco Friendly Side Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

At Forever Yours, you will find a stunning collection of side-stone lab-grown diamond engagement rings in a variety of styles, settings, metals and diamond carat sizes. The Side stones add another layer of class to traditional engagement rings. Side stone engagement rings have a central stone surrounded by a set of smaller stones that encircle the band.

The brilliance and beauty of the side stone diamond engagement rings draw your eyes to the dazzling center diamond. At Forever Yours you can choose the side stone diamond rings in precious metals; white, yellow or rose gold, platinum or a mixture of metals for a contemporary finish. The side stones come in multiple cuts and carats so you can design the perfect engagement ring.

At Forever Yours, these man-made side stone diamond engagement rings come in a variety of designs including; princess cuts, emerald stones, round, oval, asscher, pear, heart shape, radiant, marquise and cushion shapes.

For some people, a solitaire ring isn’t enough to express their love and commitment. They want a unique engagement ring that reflects their feelings aptly. Adding lab-grown side stones to an engagement ring is something simple that can really make your ring stand out from the crowd. After all, any type of ring setting looks better with more bling. From the simple solitaire to custom one-of-a-kind designs, adding side stones to your ring will make it shine brighter.

Browse our exclusive collection of side stone diamond engagement rings with man-made diamonds featuring round, princess, marquise cut stones and much more. The side diamond look can vary from a bold channel setting to delicate pave or grain set stones.

If you have any queries related to side stone diamond engagement rings, please give us a call at +613 8682 8950 or drop us an email at and one of our diamond and jewellery experts will help you make the right decision.