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We'll be glad to send your way a complimentary plastic ring sizer so that you can easily measure your ring size at home. Get a free plastic ring sizer mailed to you today!

How you can measure your ring size

To order the ring of your dreams, it is important that you know your correct ring size. Wondering how you can measure your ring size?

Here's a complete ring size guide to help you measure your ring size. This ring size guide is curated by our diamond jewellery experts and will include everything you need to know for measuring your ring size at home.

Our ring size measuring guide has helped thousands of couples find the perfect fit for their engagement and wedding rings.

Make use of our Free Printable PDF Ring Sizing Guide

You can also create your own ring sizer. For that, just cut out the ring sizer and wrap it around the widest part of your finger in a way that the numbers are clearly visible to you. Now, insert the pointed end through the slit. The number that lines up with the slit is your ring size!


Standard Ring Sizes For Men and Women

  • Ring sizes for women vary from size 3 to size 9. However, the most commonly bought women's rings range between size 5 and size 7, with size 6 being the most popular.
  • Whereas the ring sizes for men vary from size 6 to size 13. However, the most commonly bought women's rings range between size 8 and size 10.5, with size 9 being the most popular.
  • These are the common ring sizes in general and can guide you in the right direction. In case you don't find the size you are looking for, our experts can help you with placing a customized order.
  • If you are buying a ring for someone else, the best way to get the exact ring size is to ask them.
  • However, we completely understand if you are planning a surprise. In that case, asking the family or friends can be the best bet.

What Happens When My Ring Is Resized?

A ring looks best with the right fit. You might need to get your ring resized in order to ensure the perfect fit. The process of resizing requires the addition or removal of a small amount of metal to or from the ring. This will, in turn, make your ring a little thicker or thinner, as the case may be. However, most of the time, these are minute changes and are often visually unnoticeable.

We have a team of experts who ensure complete adherence to quality standards without compromising on the fit and finish of the size. After resizing, we ensure to clean and polish the ring properly before returning the same to you.

What If I Order The Wrong Ring Size?

In case you order the wrong size, there is no need to panic. We offer resizing services for most engagement rings and wedding bands within the manufacturer's recommended sizing range.

However, there are some styles that cannot be resized because of the design. In those cases, we explicitly mention "cannot be resized" under the ring size selection page. The best we can do to help you in such cases is to exchange your ring for another ring in the correct size within 30 days of purchase. Please feel free to contact us for the same, and we'll be glad to help you.