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13 Items

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Eco Friendly Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

The three-stone diamond engagement rings also known as the ‘trilogy rings’ or ‘trinity rings’ are characterised by one beautiful centrepiece lab-grown diamond, with two smaller side diamonds on either side. The centre diamond in a three-stone diamond engagement ring is usually set higher than the complementary side diamonds, helping to add depth to the ring.

Forever Yours brings to you the most versatile collection of lab-grown three-stone diamond engagement rings that are also ideal as an anniversary ring. The three-stone rings come in a variety of handcrafted styles and settings to choose from.

At Forever Yours, you can also customise your own ring, so whether you’re after a three stone princess cut engagement ring in either platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, or a different cut or design - you can seamlessly design your own three stone engagement ring with lab-grown diamonds to your own personal preference.

Celebrate the past, present, and future with our collection of stunning three-stone engagement rings. Discover the beautiful selection online or in-store at a Forever Yours store.

Should you have any questions, feel free to visit our store or call us at +613 8682 8950 and let our team of diamond experts make the selection process as easy as possible. You and your partner deserve rings as unique as your relationship, which is why we offer a number of customisation options to help you choose the perfect three stone diamond engagement ring today.

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