Pronged three stone diamond ring
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You can never have too many diamonds and this elegant three stone ring proves just that. This alternate version of the classic three stone diamond setting also has 3 Round diamonds locked in by 18k white gold prongs. But the difference being the number of claws on each supporting stone, cut down from 4 to 3. With two stunning F colour and VS clarity supporting diamonds, the 0.5 carat centre diamond is still the main attraction. The supporting diamonds are 1 carat. The ring’s total weight is 1.5 carat. Our lab-grown diamonds are always eye clean in quality and this classic three stone diamond ring is the perfect engagement option.

Ring Information

  • SKU LSCS00468-RDF
  • Metal

Centre Diamond Specifications

  • Shape
  • Carat
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Certificate

Accent specifications

  • Type Diamond
  • Total Carat 1
  • Color F
  • Clarity VS

What Is A Diamond Certificate?

Diamond Certification (most commonly from laboratories such as GIA, AGS, IGI, EGL, GSI, and HRD) is a document from an objective, independent third-party laboratory that describes a diamond in all its features.

The laboratory certificate issued by a grading body identifies various diamond factors such as colour, clarity, length and width.

Trained professionals use specialized instruments such as a loupe or microscope to analyze, evaluate and weight the diamonds.

All of Forever Yours centre diamonds are accompanied by a third party diamond certificate.

What Are Certified Lab Diamond?

Certified Lab diamonds are high quality diamonds whose origin comes from a laboratory that emulates the natural process of a diamond’s growth in earth just a bit quicker (say,  2 billion years quicker , more or less).

Lab grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds that are physically,  chemically and optically, identical to mined diamonds, the demand for lab grown diamond has soared in recent years, as engineering methods and technology have been perfected to produce diamonds that are, by all accounts, beautiful, economical, real diamonds.

Are Certified Lab Diamonds More Ethical?

Absolutely , with lab created diamonds you can rest assure that the diamonds are ethically sourced and produced .

Although UN Kimberlly process global effort to eradicate minded blood diamonds decreased the global trade in blood diamonds , buying a lab created diamond ensures 100% certainty of conflict free ethical diamond.

Are Certified Lab Diamonds More Eco-Friendly?

According to Frost & Sullivan, for every single carat of mined diamonds nearly 100 square meter of land is disturbed and more then 2750 kg of mineral waste is created , by comparison lab created diamond disrupt 0.07 square meter of land per carat and only 0.5 kg of mineral waste .

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