Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Reflect your own rays of light with an engagement ring with lab grown diamond that is a permanent expression of everlasting love. A perfect choice to pop the question. Be it a solitaire diamond ring, a three stone diamond ring, a halo diamond ring, a side diamond ring in any setting or the metal choice, you can never go wrong with a Forever Yours man-made engagement ring when it comes to proposing.

You can choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring in a variety of diamond settings, shapes, cut and metal choices, giving you complete control over the style of your engagement ring. No matter what carat size you choose or what setting you select, an engagement ring with man-made diamond will sparkle with elegance and class. It will always be the ultimate symbol of love and devotion.

At Forever Yours we have an extensive collection of beautifully crafted lab-grown diamond engagement rings which are a piece of timeless jewellery perfect to celebrate any occasion. Discover hundreds of designs for every taste and style featuring diamonds in an array of settings, cuts, sizes and shapes. Some of our bestselling eco-friendly diamond engagement rings include brilliant diamond solitaire engagement rings, three stone diamond engagement rings, halo diamond engagement rings and side diamond engagement rings.

Engagement Rings

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  1. Abnoba
    As low as $5,588.05
  2. Iat
    As low as $1,457.95
  3. Thalia
    As low as $2,065.70
  4. Astraea
    As low as $1,908.40
  5. Hestia
    As low as $3,191.50
  6. Oizys
    As low as $2,643.55
  7. Aura
    As low as $3,624.40
  8. Macaria
    As low as $3,246.75
  9. Vairë
    As low as $4,232.80
  10. Annona
    As low as $2,557.75
  11. Avalon
    As low as $2,554.50
  12. Aerendel
    As low as $1,957.15
  13. Selene
    As low as $2,457.65
  14. Bia
    As low as $2,275.65
  15. Febris
    As low as $2,214.55
  16. Macha
    As low as $2,118.35
  17. Morrigan
    As low as $1,944.15
  18. Sól
    As low as $1,740.05
  19. Diana
    As low as $1,814.15
  20. Persephone
    As low as $1,957.15
  21. Epona
    As low as $2,269.15
  22. Leto
    As low as $2,097.55
  23. Aegle
    As low as $1,725.10
  24. Áine
    As low as $1,929.85
  25. Devera
    As low as $2,047.50
  26. Nessa
    As low as $2,020.20
  27. Vanadís
    As low as $1,596.40
  28. Nekhbet
    As low as $1,964.30
  29. Juturna
    As low as $1,753.70
  30. Cybele
    As low as $2,230.15
  31. Nemesis
    As low as $1,918.80
  32. Felicitas
    As low as $2,540.85
  33. Angelos
    As low as $2,464.80
  34. Flora
    As low as $2,388.75
  35. Hera
    As low as $2,278.90
  36. Rosmerta
    As low as $2,104.70
  37. Ennodia
    As low as $2,374.45
  38. Feronia
    As low as $2,230.80
  39. Pallas
    As low as $1,957.15
  40. Proserpina
    As low as $1,981.20
  41. Danu
    As low as $1,664.00
  42. Vacuna
    As low as $2,429.05
  43. Iris
    As low as $1,997.45
  44. Sága
    As low as $1,630.85
  45. Larunda
    As low as $1,738.10
  46. Eris
    As low as $1,368.90
  47. Morta
    As low as $1,604.20
  48. Lucina
    As low as $1,678.30
  49. Demeter
    As low as $1,369.55
  50. Ceto
    As low as $1,802.45
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Items 1-50 of 140

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Eco Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

We proudly offer handcrafted engagement rings that are made with ethically sourced and eco-friendly diamonds. Our diamond and jewellery experts ensure the quality of Forever Yours diamonds and jewellery before they ship, so you can feel confident that every piece meets our industry-leading standards. Our diamond ring designs are extraordinaire, beauteous, and spectacular. They flaunt very impressive craftsmanship.

Custom Engagement Ring with Lab-Grown Diamond

Celebrate your unique love story with Forever Yours’ custom engagement ring with lab-grown diamond that perfectly suits the person you love. You can create your custom piece online, or call or chat with one our diamond and jewellery experts. They will be happy to help you turn the design of your dreams into reality.

Our diamond and jewellery experts are available to answer questions and clear doubts that you may have. Give us a call at +613 8682 8950 or drop us an email at and we’d be happy to answer them.