Forever Yours was founded with a goal to produce high-quality lab-grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands at a revolutionary discounted price while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. At Forever Yours we help you celebrate your unique love story with a custom engagement ring that perfectly suits the person you love.

We are a team of jewellers, designers and diamond professionals with over 15 years of experience in the high-end diamond jewellery industry both in Melbourne Australia and New York City. Forever Yours engagement ring with lab grown diamond hold a simple promise of eternal love and represent the timeless bond between two people.

As part of our quest to make high-quality discount certified diamond engagement Rings available to our customers, we understand that at this revolutionary era, using cutting edge technology for producing lab grown diamonds and implementing our traditional jewellery making expertise, we can offer our customers a superior product at a much more competitive price. Lab-grown diamonds offer the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as those found naturally — and are beautiful on your budget.

With consistency and hard work, we have been able to position our brand as being the best source for responsibly sourced diamonds, lab diamonds, unique engagement rings, fine custom jewellery, and exceptional customer services. At Forever Yours, we believe that diamonds are for generations and the jewellery you are wearing symbolizes you and your most memorable moments.

At Forever Yours one can choose from a variety of lab-grown diamond rings in a variety of shapes from princess cut engagement rings to round, square or ovals in a variety of settings such as pave, channel, tension amongst others, there is no limit to experimentations with designs when it comes to diamond rings!

Need help getting started? Whether your style is classic or modern, we are here to help you make a brilliant choice. Our jewellery experts can help you pick a setting that is modern or traditional, find a ring that matches her look and lifestyle, or even design a truly one-of-a-kind custom ring.

Explore our special collection of discounted & certified diamond engagement rings to find a truly original and memorable piece made by artists. Distinguished craftsmanship promises a truly unique ring fitting of this special milestone moment.